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Do you need a website but want to do without the hassle of long processes & without having to make decisions about technology like CMS & hosting?
Do you want someone else just to do that for you – like a service that you can subscribe to?
Look no further our WaaS platform is the right solution for you!

Above prices does not include HST. Maintenance charges apply if you’d like us to update the content on your website. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the change. 10 Stock images are one time purchase only with Enterprise package. Prices subject change without prior notice. Please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have everything you need to make your website fast, secure and successful.

What is WaaS?

Website as a Service (WaaS) is a way of managing a website, by subscribing to it as a service so technical updates are managed by someone else and as part of a package deal. A WaaS platform is based on generic requirements that all websites and companies need, for example:

• standardised functions like search and integrations with third party providers
• templates and functions for calendars,
• news listings
• analytics
• legal demands (e.g. the use of cookies and storing of personal information)
• security
• user friendly content management system (CMS)

What kind of website can benefit from a WaaS plan?

Our WaaS plans are for websites that are built on WordPress. From blogs to e-commerce stores to small business, these plans are best suited for those who want to focus on running their business leaving all the technical work to our website team. Also by subscribing to the service, you decide the level of development on your site by the amount you’re paying every month.

I don’t have a company logo! How can I get one?

We do provide creative services to our clients. Please contact us for price and other details.

Can you write content for us?

Yes we can, please contact us for content writing price and other details.

How can I get 10 stock images with Enterprise plan?

With Enterprise plan comes you can get 10 licensed images of your choice value $40 from Adobe Stock Images.

How will I make the payments and what are the penalties?

Our billing cycle is of 3 months. Customers are charged for 3 months in advance with credit card. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Due to non payment the website will go down and the penalty of $60 will be charged to re-activate the website! Please make sure to keep us posted on any changes with your credit card to avoid any penalties and website downtime.

Will I have access to the hosting control panel?

No, and you won’t need it! Our Managed WordPress plans come with support built in. Our support team is available to you, whenever you need them.

Why I should avoid doing it all on my own?

Limited support and no technical know how may actually be the biggest gamble users by managing website on their own. For a few dollars a month from UM Creatives, you get blazing fast, managed hosting for your website with amazing support! 

Who is WaaS for?

WaaS is a good option for any company with limited resources, that wants to have a well-functioning website up and running without having to understand all the technical jargon.

Is Hosting included in your WaaS plans?

Yes, hosting is included in the service, so that you don’t have to worry about traffic numbers, harmful attacks and geographical distribution.

Can you get a domain name for me?

We we will search and get you the suitable domain name for your website.

Do I have to provide the Content and Images?

Yes, Client has to provide all the content and images for the website.

Can I get an SSL certificate?

Yes! We believe all websites should be secure and recommend all our customers get a SSL certificate for their website.

Do you update plugins and themes?

Yes & No! With so many third-party plugins and themes available, we want to minimize the possibility of one breaking your site so we only update essential plug-ins.

Can I upgrade my plan after few months?

Ofcourse you can! 

Can we back up the website every month and how much will it cost?

Yes we do provide monthly website back up service for just $25/month. However monthly back is included with enterprise plan.

Is your website service based on WaaS module?

Yes it is! WaaS modules are specifically designed and optimized for managing WordPress based sites. The entire hosting environment is constructed to make your WordPress site fast and secure. We have a dedicated team working with our own WaaS platform and services, helping clients to setup, maintain and develop their websites in a fast pace.

Do I have to get the domain name or get hosting services?

No! Just sign the contract with us and we will take care of everything. We will get the domain name and host the website on our secure servers. You dont have to pay anything extra!

Do you provide image services?

Yes we do! Please contact us for price and other details.

Do you provide migration assistance?

Yes! All you need to do is provide log in details and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will move your website content and databases from your current provider and ensure everything is working properly. Do contact us for website migration cost.

Is your business based on SaaS module?

Yes, our managed website services is based on montly subscription. 

What are your monthly charges for content update?

For Basic & Professional plans we charge $35/hour. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the content update.

How does website backup work?

We keep the original website in our records. In-case the website is crashed or hacked we will re-build the website by placing the original content!

What will happen if I need more then 10 pages?

Eash additional page is $5 per month. Please contact us if you have 20+ pages.

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