Business website without the hassle of having to make decisions about technology like CMS & hosting! Someone else will to do that for you as a service.

What Is WaaS?

“Website as a Service” aka WaaS is a service that provides website design, hosting, security, updates, and ongoing support for a low setup and an ongoing monthly recurring fee, instead of one-time price. WaaS is a way of managing a website, by subscribing to it as a service so technical updates are managed by someone else and as part of a package deal. In-short you will have a business website without the hassle of having to make decisions about technology like CMS & hosting! Someone else will to do that for you as a service.

The “as a Service” model (just like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and others) keeps the end user from having to worry about the basics of the website for as long as they have it. A WaaS platform is based on generic requirements that all websites and companies need, for example:

  • Standardised functions like search and integrations with third party providers
  • Templates and functions for calendars,
  • News listings
  • Analytics
  • Legal demands (e.g. the use of cookies and storing of personal information)
  • Security
  • User friendly content management system (CMS)


WaaS Features & Benefits:

WaaS features may vary depending on the service provider, but generally it should include the following:

  • The initial design and development of your website.
  • Website, server, fraud & browser protections, including SSL certificates.
  • Regular updates & testing for ongoing functionality improvements.
  • The server environment that your website and all of its files and database live.
  • Regular backups & a recovery plan to get you back up quickly if something goes wrong.
  • Content update service to keep the website current.
  • Support to help ensure that the website matches the level of service & quality you provide.
  • Ongoing service & maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly.

WaaS Pricing:

We have seen WaaS pricing ranging from C$200 to a C$3000 setup charges and a monthly charge of between C$100 and C$800 per month. This typically depends on how complicated the website is. A basic informational website with some contact forms and a chat will be a lot less expensive than a website with eCommerce, multi-vendors, payment gateways, and events.

The monthly recurring fee can range depending on how many new requests & content updated per month that are included, add-on functionality, such as event planner, calendar, appointment booking feature, chat, e-commerce, including social media sites, and more.

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